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Take A Positive Step Today!

If you are pursuing therapy for the first time, you're probably wondering what it's like to see a therapist.

Perhaps you're wondering if now is the time to re-engage in therapy after previous experiences with the process.

Whether you're new or returning to therapy, my overall goal is to enhance your quality of life through the therapeutic process.

Physical, emotional and environmental wellness are all factor into one's mental health. Situational stressors such as loss, relationship conflicts, employment struggles and life transitions can challenge your sense of well-being. In addition, some people struggle with addictions, issues from childhood or unhealthy patterns that sabotage their relationships. For many, there are also physical stressors such as chronic pain. Therapy provides a safe haven in which to address and work through these challenges.

Everyone begins therapy at a different "starting point". Some people come in with a specific issue or problem that they would like to work on. Some people begin with a vague goal of "I want to be happier". Many are somewhere in the middle, having realized, for example, that their relationship is not going well but unsure of the reasons why.

Together, we will work forward from your "starting point". Therapy will allow you to live a fuller, richer, more productive and successful life.

My practice, located in Sebastopol, is open to everyone. The office is accented by a green, leafy courtyard that offers a place of quiet respite from today’s busy world. Private pay clients are welcome; most insurances are accepted.

Please look through the next few pages to learn more about myself, the services I offer, and find answers to your questions.

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