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Counseling Services Provided

Therapy can take many different forms. I offer individual, couples counseling, and family therapy. Sometimes, a combination of those may be beneficial. Traditional "talk" therapy is frequently utilized with adults and teens. Play therapy is appropriate for children. I will individualize the therapeutic process to your specific situation.

Individual Therapy - for persons of all ages

As I mentioned on the first page, everyone begins therapy at a different "starting point". Regardless of your "starting point", through individual therapy, I can help you increase your clarity about:

  • The scope and impact of your presenting concern;
  • Your beliefs about the presenting concern;
  • The kind of changes you want to make;
  • The kind of life you want to build;
  • The kind of person you aspire to be in order to build the kind of life you want;
  • Your blocks to becoming the kind of person you aspire to be;
  • The skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals.

Play Therapy - for my younger clients

Play therapy is different from the 'talk therapy' in which adults participate. Children are often easily bored with sitting and talking. Play is active and is the most natural activity of children. Therefore, play makes therapy accessible to children and keeps the child engaged. Furthermore, play is a good vehicle for children to express their emotions. They use play activities as a way to communicate symbolically what is happening in their lives and how they are feeling.

In play therapy many media are used; sand tray, puppets, art materials, doll play, storytelling, clay work, and so on. Play therapy can help children with many forms of distress such as: grief or loss due to a death or divorce; fear, confusion, and/or anger related to living with a parent who abuses substances; low self-worth; inability to contain impulses or aggression; shyness; physical difference from peers; school problems; and the effects of physical or sexual abuse or neglect.

Family Therapy

Family life can be complex. Difficulties may center on issues such as parental roles in decision-making and discipline, the division of household responsibilities, money, communication, blended and/or extended family relationships, and school-related problems. Family transitions, such as divorce, moving, the loss of a parent's job, a parent returning to work, the death of a loved one, or a new marriage or birth can be difficult for all family members, be they kids, teens or adults.

Together, your family and I will determine the most effective way to address the challenge the family is facing. Approaches may include sessions with the entire family, parents only, kids only, or a combination of these.

Couples Counseling - married or unmarried

Couples counseling helps couples to meet each others' needs, whether it's understanding and resolving conflicts, improving the relationship, communicating better, negotiating differences, problem solving or learning to argue in a healthier way.

Learning how to communicate is important for all relationships, especially with our partner. Relationship problems are often rooted in poor communication. When we state our needs in a way that can be more easily understood, there's a much higher likelihood of our needs being met. In couples counseling, I can help you to fine tune your communication skills. With improved communication skills, you can learn to overcome unproductive patterns of communication and interaction and thus move beyond unresolved relationship issues.

Intimacy is another area I am experienced at addressing in couples counseling. I can assist you and your partner in developing strategies to maintain and strengthen the relationship commitment and revitalize your intimate bond. This is often the area where sexual differences come into play and where intimacy and sexuality need to be redefined.

Couples counseling will improve the overall quality of your relationship.

Co - Parenting - to sharpen your skills or for those in conflict

Co-parenting therapy is for parents who are no longer in an intimate relationship but wish to improve their ability to work together to raise their children. Co-parenting therapy can help things go smoother and reduce difficulties in child rearing.

Learn to communicate and resolve your conflicts in healthy, life-affirming ways. Learn more about co-parenting services.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

Please visit the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services.


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